Self-service advertising made easy.

Stuff Ads enables customers to build their own ads and place them within or alongside trustworthy news content on Stuff Ads is a new self-service ad-buying platform that enables Kiwis to harness the power of New Zealand’s largest locally owned news site1, to grow their business. No experience required.

Using an easy step-by-step process, you can build your own ads which are then placed within or alongside the trustworthy news content on All you need is an image, a couple of sentences and the website address you want to promote. Within minutes your ad could be created.

Your whole campaign can be managed through the Stuff Ads platform – you can track results, change your budget, refine your targeting and update your creative, all in one place.

If extra support is required, Stuff Ads has a local team of ad experts available to talk you through the process and help your advertising perform better. The team also reviews all ads to ensure they meet New Zealand advertising standards and policies.

And the days of needing big budgets to access a quality local audience via a news website are now long gone. There’s no minimum spend, so it doesn’t matter if you have $5 or $500, you can still reach your audience on Stuff.